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Vitracore G2


Manufactured by Fairview; Vitracore G2 is deemed to satisfy non-combustible to AS1530.1 and AS1530.3 in compliance with Clause C1.9e (vi) of the National Construction Code, and can be used for any building facade.

This has been reiterated for ongoing compliance in the 2019 NCC.

Vitracore G2 has been tested to AS5113 and safely met the various temperature criteria for prevention of flame spread. As expected for many varied and popular facade materials, the debris criteria for AS5113 was not met. The testing also successfully passed the requirements of BS8414 and BR135.

Visually, Vitracore G2 is the same as traditional composite panel; but what makes it different is the technology of the core, which is constructed from a profiled aluminium structure rather than combustible material – making it one of the most resilient non-flammable cladding solutions.

It is the same to fabricate and install as traditional ACP, and utilises the PPG coating system; thus is available in the same extensive colour ranges.

The technology of the core allows continual production providing an exceptionally consistent and cost- effective product. This high performance non-flammable cladding panel is ideal for all façade and soffit applications; providing the decisive solution to high demands and requirements.

The benefits of Vitracore G2 include its high mechanical properties and simple fabrication. The outstanding surface flatness of Vitracore is enhanced with a high quality PVDF coating system, which provides optimum resistance to weather and industrial pollutants in an unlimited range of colours, or a selection of natural metal finishes.

Vitracore G2 can be easily and accurately installed by a pre-made cassette system, requires minimal maintenance and comes excellent long-term performance.

Key Benefits:

  • Tested to AS1530.1 & AS1530.3
  • Tested to BS8414 and BR135
  • Weatherproofed to NCC Clause FP1.4
  • Highly effective for infrastructure projects eg, hospitals and schools
  • Cost effective, large stock holdings and short lead times
  • Visually the same as traditional ACP
  • Core technology allows for a consistent and precise product
  • Available in a wide range of finishes including: solid & metallic, natural zinc, special effects colours, imitation stone, timber, corten and copper.
  • Concealed fixing

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