Residential Interior & Exterior Plaster Works by CHAD - Chad Group

Residential Interior & Exterior Plaster Works by CHAD

CHAD has received commendation for their interior & exterior plaster works in this high-concept, two-storey residential Malvern property. They supplied and installed a range of high-quality plasterboard for internal walls and ceilings, as well as lightweight yet durable metal battens for domes. Due to the versatility of CHAD plasterboard, the architects-in-charge have been able to maximise the potential of the home interior in both design and functionality.

The CHAD team also installed water-resistant plasterboard to the alfresco area. The purpose is to protect the outdoor structure and wall finishes, reducing the risk of possible damage, particularly during extreme weather conditions.

Here are the complete interior & exterior works delivered by CHAD;

  • Metal battens to the ceilings.
  • Plasterboard to the walls and ceilings internally.
  • WR plasterboard to the rear alfresco area.
  • All square set cornice.
  • Plaster revealed skylights.



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