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Plastered All Over The Wall

As the restoration market grows, more builders such as CHAD Group Australia are being contracted to fix heritage buildings using traditional methods and materials.

Heritage restorations are slowly growing in popularity across the country, leading to more companies placing a bigger focus on specialised plasterwork.

More and more builders are now benefiting from the niche skill as home owners shy away from having a cookie-cutter build and demand more individuality within each room.

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As stated in the Autumn 2018 edition of Building Connection, there are very few companies that actually focus on traditional plasterwork. However, companies like CHAD Group Australia, are embracing the heritage work and providing solutions and training to current workers and apprentices.

CHAD Group lead plasterer Nick says that there is a growing desire for customisation within homes and companies like his are educating younger plasterers and employees on the importance of ornamental work to cater for this demand.

“This may sound a little cliché, but as you get older you definitely start to appreciate what effort has gone into things like ornamental plasterwork,” says Nick.

“There are a few tradies out there that specialise in traditional plasterwork but there’s no-one following after them. That’s why companies like CHAD Group are trying to pass on our knowledge to the next generation.

“This is important because houses are starting to get very old and you can’t treat them like you used to 20 to 30 years ago (i.e. buy them because they’re cheap, knock them down and build something new). Instead, a lot of people want to restore these properties because they have character and don’t look like every other house on the block.

“Every cornice is different in every room because every room has a different purpose. Each plasterer uses their preferred moulds so each house is left with that essence of individuality.”

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