EcoWool Insulation CHAD Group – Cladding, Render, Texture & Mouldings


One of the best-selling products in the CHAD catalogue, Ecowool® insulation is designed to be installed as ceiling and wall insulation.

Ecowool®, however, should not be installed in areas that are prone to wetness. By NZS 4246, proper separation is required when recessed downlights are present. All holes and openings must be checked before installing Ecowool® to achieve the best possible outcome.

CHAD Insulation Services specialises in both the supply and installation of Ecowool® into both commercial and domestic buildings across the state. CHAD Insulation Services offers a large team of professional installers, fully trained to ensure quality installation for quality thermal performance.

The quality management inspection of CHAD Insulation Services guarantees the highest standards of installation with regular auditing jobs for maintenance. Along with the CHAD’s commitment to quality and service, Ecowool® is the cost-efficient and eco-friendly choice.

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