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CHAD Insulation

Whether you are building a new home, renovating or just looking to improve the thermal and acoustic properties of your existing home, we have an extensive range of thermal and acoustic insulation to make your home more comfortable to live in and more economical to run. A well-insulated home can cut cooling and heating bills by half.

autex insulation


Redefine your environment with premium acoustic solutions from Autex. Discover interior acoustics and learn how to redefine your environment.



One of the best-selling products in the CHAD catalogue, Ecowool® insulation is designed to be installed as ceiling and wall insulation.



Earthwool by Knauf Insulation doesn’t look or feel like any glasswool insulation you’ve ever experienced.

kingspan insulation


Kingspan Kooltherm® K10 FM Soffit Board is a super high performance, fibre-free rigid thermoset, closed cell phenolic insulation core, sandwiched between an upper tissue-based facing and a lower facing of highly reflective aluminium foil autohesively bonded to the insulation core during manufacture.

pirmax hr insulation


PIRMAX HR PANEL is a modified PIR (Polyisocyanurate) rigid thermal panel that can be used in many applications. PIRMAX HR PANEL is the next generation in high performing insulation products for commercial and residential developments. Designed to achieve excellent thermal value where minimal cavity is available.

rmax insulation


RMAX ThermaAdvantage® is a foil insulated expanded polystyrene (EPS) board suitable for internal or external insulation. It is an effective combination of proven RMAX EPS insulation with the addition of reflective foil backing.