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CHAD External Cladding

CHAD stock a large range of specialty trade tools, accessories and items specific for the cladding and render trade.

Our range includes trowels, floats, scoops, mixers, cloth tape, mesh, joining mesh, screws, washers, external angles, start stop channels, expandable foam joining compound, and much more.

CHAD designed and manufactured PoLYRENDER Cladding System. It offers an insulating, decorative and protective finish for your exterior surfaces. The CHAD PoLYRENDER Cladding System is fully National Construction Code (NCC) (NCC 2014 Compliance, Appraisal and Certification Report No. ACA-140807, given 12th August 2014).

The Eco Panel Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) wall panel is a durable, lightweight, steel reinforced innovative building panel that offers excellent benefits as an external wall system for low-rise multi-residential buildings and houses. Thickness available: 50mm, 75mm and 100mm.

Building better and smarter starts with Eco Panel. CHAD’s Aerated Autoclaved Concrete (AAC) Eco Panel provides ultra-high integrated insulation and facilitates building a home quicker.


Alucobond® is a light composite material consisting of two aluminium cover sheets and a core made of polyethylene. This simple but extremely versatile product concept has been developed to provide a façade material with a host of advantages for architects.

Alucobond® is stable and yet flexible, has a smooth surface and is available in a number of standard or custom colours. It is weather-resistant, unbreakable, shock-resistant, vibration absorbent & easy to install.

It is the ideal material for facade cladding, roof edges, awnings and fascias.

  • Alucobond® is available in over 80 colours/finishes including: standard colours, clear anodized, complimentary colours, spectra colours, natural and wood design.
  • Alucobond® is available in a variety of sheet sizes and thicknesses.
  • Alucobond® is lightweight, extremely flat and rigid.
  • Alucobond® has excellent vibration dampening characteristics.
  • Alucobond® can be bent, curved or shaped to any angle.
  • Alucobond® can be used as a fascia, as a cladding panel, for interiors or signage.
  • Alucobond® is ideal to fit into any curtain walling system.

The Exsulite system gives you total design flexibility, changing building dynamics bridging the gap between substrate and finishing systems.

Shadowclad® plywood panels provide a beautiful, natural wood exterior cladding that is well suited to most architectural styles. It adds street appeal to any project, whether used alone or accented with other building materials.Manufactured from sustainably-grown NZ plantation pine, Shadowclad can be used as a strong, yet lightweight exterior cladding or as an internal lining, and has been trusted in construction for over 25 years.

Building modern weatherboard homes? Undergoing renovation and need new exterior timber cladding? Weathertex is a specialist in exterior wall panels, offering quality products available on the market. From classic to modern styles, they offer all the cladding and timber wall panelling you need for projects of any size, and are committed to keeping our prices as affordable as possible so that you can enjoy quality products without blowing your budget.

The benefits of Vitracore G2 include its high mechanical properties and simple fabrication. The outstanding surface flatness of Vitracore is enhanced with a high quality PVDF coating system, which provides optimum resistance to weather and industrial pollutants in an unlimited range of colours, or a selection of natural metal finishes.

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