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Exsulite® Thermal Facade System Available from CHAD

The Exsulite® thermal facade system available from CHAD is a fully integrated cladding solution that can increase the value of your residential construction project. Based on cutting edge technology, this thermal facade system bridges the gap between substrate and finishes. It delivers a complete weatherproof exterior surface for long-term protection without compromise on design or quality.

Exsulite® Thermal Facade System in Action

CHAD successfully completed the installation of the Exsulite® thermal facade system around this stunning Beaumaris home. Purpose-designed to suit the architects plan, the team provided a custom-coloured concrete rendered wall finish. The thermal facade system significantly improved the building’s substrate by increasing its weather resistance and thermal performance. The self-draining cavity included also provides excellent moisture management, enabling a high and long-term R-value.

Considering an Exsulite® thermal facade for your next residential construction project? Get in touch with CHAD for more information by heading over to www.chadgroup.com.au today.

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