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Decorative Interior Ceiling System Design Ideas With Chad

Decorative Interior Ceiling System Design Ideas With Chad

Ceiling details of a room like cornices, roses and ceiling panels are underrated features that most people take for granted. In actuality, they add the important finishing touches to any residential or commercial space. CHAD distribute plaster products that can help you achieve your preferred ceiling design with comfort and ease. Their decorative interior systems bring added aesthetic value to classically styled interiors.

If you’re looking for inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 4 design ideas using CHAD Plaster products that will make any space look its best:

Door look sample

Tired of having the standard and boring square door opening?

It’s about time you consider converting them to arched doorways. The romantic look of arched door openings will make any space feel grand. Achieve a perfect finish arched doorway by using CHAD Plaster’s plasterboards. They have a smooth finish and comes in different styles with different functionalities.

Domes look sample

Domes are usually made for bigger structures.

For business owners, consider ceiling domes for your building establishments. Domes are a great choice if you want to feature a specific design on your ceiling. Alternatively, specifiers can opt for transparent domes that accommodate natural light to provide a relaxed ambience. CHAD’s metal battens are highly recommended accessories for your transparent dome’s framework to attain higher aesthetic value. Durable metal battens provide stable and robust support for any material you wish to work with.

Ceiling Rose look sample

Achieve a classic, romantic ceiling by installing ceiling roses to your light fixtures.

May they be chandeliers or ordinary bulbs, ceiling roses evoke a sense of timelessness and class to any space. CHAD offer finely moulded ceiling roses that are rich in intricate detail. The ceiling rose has been a symbol of secrecy since Roman times. Usually attached above a meeting table, it represents the symbol to speak freely without repercussion. Though it symbolises confidentiality, it is no secret that this detail makes any ceiling look magnificent.

Corners design sample


Cornices are ornamental mouldings installed around a room’s wall just below the ceiling, but they are not limited to this function. They can also be fitted to doors and windows. CHAD offer hand-made plaster mouldings that are designed to enhance your space by adding personality and character to any interior space. We have over a hundred designs to choose from, and because of this, you’re ensured that you will find a cornice to suit any period.

If you want to learn more about CHAD Plaster’s decorative interior ceiling systems, head over to today!

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