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CodeMark Certified Thermal Facade Cladding from CHAD Group

Coming soon from CHAD Group – CodeMark certified thermal facade cladding. PoLYRENDER is an insulating, protective, and decorative exterior surface. It is already NCC compliant, and the Melbourne company is proud to announce it will soon be CodeMark certified.

Why specify PoLYRENDER thermal facade cladding from CHAD Group? It is a multi-layered wall system comprising polystyrene coated with a polymer modified render and an alkali-resistant fibreglass mesh. It features two base coats, 3 to 5mm thick, and a crack-resistant top coat. Benefits include it’s flexible design capabilities for a wide range of applications. Not least, it increases the energy-efficiency of the building due to its high insulation value, is lightweight, plus quick and easy to install.

PoLYRENDER from CHAD Group promotes the same aesthetics as a rendered brick wall. It provides added character with deep set window reveals. It is readily available in 1.2 x 3m sheets with standard thicknesses of 50, 75, or 100mm. Custom sizes are available on request.

For more information regarding CodeMark certified thermal cladding, PoLYRENDER from CHAD Group, visit PoLYRENDER page.

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