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Case Study The Victoria Avenue


CHAD specialises in the manufacture and supply of premium plaster services and other building products for the residential and commercial industry. Equipped with 29 years of experience, CHAD is comprised of a team of reliable, competent and accommodating experts, providing major industry specifiers and homeowners a one-stop premium plaster service solution.

CHAD recently completed a comprehensive refurbishment venture where the elegance of the Regency Era is furnished with modern premium plaster and façade services by CHAD experts.

The project is set in Victoria Avenue, Canterbury; one of Melbourne’s most elite suburbs. It is known for its tree-lined avenues and elegant display of Victorian and Federation-style dwellings dating back to the 1880s.

The homeowner of the two-storey period home, which was built after the Edwardian era, wanted to change the profile while retaining its distinct character and sophistication. The house is modified with a lot of focus to details. This can be seen in the variety of Victorian cornices/decorative ceiling panels; as chosen by the client. Overall, the project required a high degree and cost-effective finish to match the neighboring structures and to meet the homeowner’s expectations.

The Challenges

The project was divided into several stages. CHAD worked closely with existing tradespeople to ensure that a consistent and efficient workaround time was achieved; working on shifting schedules.

Wall tiles were stopped short of the ceiling to allow cornice cement to stick to existing plasterboard behind the tiles, as cornice cement is not designed to stick to smooth tiles. This allowed for sufficient cornice cement to hold the cornice in place above the tiles, achieving the desired look by the client.

CHAD also needed to do a lot of wall repairs and create new moulds to match the existing cornices

CHAD Repair Works and Product Range

CHAD used the following products to achieve the desired project outcome.

CHAD Surface Coatings Render

CHAD Render has excellent adhesion. The existing walls of the structure were standard brick walls and were damaged and therefore had to be rendered. CHAD Surface Coatings render provides the ideal base for the subsequent application.

CHAD Victorian Cornices

CHAD’s handmade traditional Victorian cornices offer elegance with their distinct deep-cut profile, while the new Victorian cornices provide a subtle sophistication with their refined profile. CHAD’s Victorian cornices will add character to any structure, with a variety of designs to choose from. CHAD installed both the traditional and new Victorian cornices to fit the project specification.

Ceiling Panels and Roses

CHAD installed a variety of decorative ceiling panels including roses and rectangular article panels for diversity in design and architectural structure. CHAD used two types of fixing for the panels and roses: Adhesive fixing, where cornice cement was used in the decorative ceiling application, and screwed to the ceiling structure.

Wet Area Plasterboard

CHAD Wet Area Plasterboard were installed in areas where water resistance is needed. The wet area Plasterboards were used in the laundry room, kitchen area and toilet and bath of the Victoria Avenue project. These were sealed as per building regulations prior to tiling.

Premium Plaster Service from CHAD

For Chad Plaster experts, casting new profiles for external or internal mould application can trigger product and quality comparison against the old moulds, especially when the new profiles are moulded from the existing ones and end products are placed side by side.

CHAD aims to deliver a seamless and integrated quality finish that meets the critical eyes of specifiers. This is done by removing the old structure altogether and replacing them with newly designed or moulded panels to provide a consistent, high-quality finish.

The Result

CHAD streamlined product range, installation expertise and efficient system paved the way for transforming an old structure into a revamped heritage home that fits the modern standard of living. CHAD were able to complete the project within the client time frame and budget. However, for CHAD, their greatest feat is exceeding the client’s expectations and expression of satisfaction at the result. Book a consultation with CHAD for more of premium plaster services and façade application today.

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