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Autex Interior Acoustic Products

With more than three decades of positive reputation to uphold, CHAD Group Australia remains atop the building and design industry by providing the highest quality of interior acoustic solutions through Autex Interior Acoustic Products.

Although highly durable, Autex Interior Acoustics are conveniently lightweight in nature as they are made from polyester and polypropylene products, which accounts for an easy installation. The products conform to sustainable innovation; Autex Acoustics are made with no chemical binders and low VOC. They also hold a group 1 fire rating, promoting maximum safety along with its non-toxic and non-allergenic attributes.

Some of CHAD’s quality range of Autex interior acoustic products include:

  • Cube™ – a semi-rigid panel with a solid colour. It provides limitless design possibilities that are not restricted by edging or capping
  • Etch™ – an aesthetically satisfying layer applied over a chosen surface or Autex’s acoustic backing options. Can be custom designed with a choice of 28 pallet colour ranges and 15 standard patterns.
  • Quietspace® 3D Tiles – tiles with a 3D design creating a modern, upscale interior providing optimal design flexbility.
  • Quietspace® Panel – for superior sound absorption, an engineered premium acoustic solution for walls, ceilings, and suspended.
  • Vertiface® – can be used as a wallcovering or with other Autex Interior Acoustic products, bringing excellent acoustic benefits without compromising the design possibilities.

CHAD Group Australia also supplies Cascade™, Composition®, Cove™, Frontier™, Horizon™, Quietspace® range of ceiling tiles, Quietspace® Lattice, Symphony®, and Workstation™.

For more information about Autex Interior Acoustic Products, contact CHAD Group Australia or visit today.

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