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Glen Waverly



An outstanding house design by renowned Melbourne architect Philip Manehiem, the project presented high levels of expectation and satisfaction from the architect and client.

The project included supply & installation of foil board insulation to external walls and including 5 star energy rating on internal insulation to walls and ceilings. Internal walls around toilets, bathrooms, bedrooms, laundry & theatre were lined with high density acoustic insulation. Metal battens were installed to laser level to all ceilings. Plaster bulkheads and cornices were installed throughout to suit the decorative cornice profiles.

The design & installation of the dome was done by CHAD Plaster, division of CHAD Group Australia, in consultation with the architect, builder and the client.


3 story high scaffolding was required to enable installation of the dome, presenting logistical issues in lifting the dome components. The roof trusses were not designed to accommodate a symmetrical dome and we arranged modification of the roof structure with the builder. Extensive framing was provided to support a very large light pendant in the dome. The dome was cast in 8 sections and supported by a suspended metal frame to the dimensions of the dome. Extensive skrimming was done using hemp to support the 8 sections of the dome and was completed in a very confined roof space behind the dome.

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